V.I.B. (Very Important Buyer) LIST

If you want to purchase a home and you’ve had trouble finding the property you want or if it seems the best properties for sale turn pending or are sold before you get a chance, you may benefit from being on the Team Burress V.I.B. List.

V.I.B.s have a clear advantage over other buyers for many reasons. V.I.B.s may receive notices of properties before the properties hit the market or before they are published as being available on the market.  Many times, the V.I.B. can be the first showing on the property before there is a rush of multiple buyers. This can help you not only get the home you want but may also save you tens of thousands of dollars.

In order to better serve each V.I.B. and to reduce competing interests, we carefully limit the number of V.I.B.s. on our list.

5 Ways The V.I.B. Program Helps Homebuyers

  1. Team Burress regularly collaborates with several area REALTORS® and real estate brokers who agree to share i  nformation regarding properties that will be listed in the near future. Team Burress then matches these properties with our V.I.B.s in order to procure a successful purchase for a V.I.B. Our V.I.B.s can have the advantage of having the first opportunity to purchase the properties.
  2. Team Burress also lists properties for sale and when they have a new listing, they match it up with an interested V.I.B. and notify them first prior to publishing the property for sale publicly. The savings can be tremendous for the V.I.B.
  3. Using predictive analytics, Team Burress finds properties that have homeowners who may be most likely to sell their homes and that match the needs of a V.I.B. When a match is found, Team Burress approaches the homeowner in order to procure a successful purchase contract for a V.I.B. This means the V.I.B. can purchase with no competing buyers.
  4. Team Burress may also aggressively canvass for properties on behalf of the buyers on our V.I.B list in search for interested homeowners who have homes that fit our V.I.B.s needs. Once the right home is found, Team Burress works to initiate a successful contract for the V.I.B. Again, the V.I.B. may have no competing buyers.
  5. The buyers on the V.I.B. list will also be notified via email within minutes of a property hitting the market that fits the V.I.B.’s criteria.